Critical Signs Of Menopause Roanoke Residents Should Know About Today

By Donald Sanders

Menopause is a stage where a woman reaches in life where she cannot bear children anymore. Therefore, it has not been clear to many as to when this process starts in their life as some think it starts at fifty. This is not true since the fact is that many women will experience the change at their forties. For some lucky ones, this change will only be notice when you reach that age and know about it where the period stops. In this case, there are some significance signs of menopause Roanoke everyone must be aware of these days.

The cause of the change is due to lack of balance in the production of hormones when going through this change. This makes it possible for one to start feeling the changes when they reach forty years of age. The period for this change to take place and adjust to the fact is between one to two years in which is known as perimenopause. The time in which you can be sure that you have come to the stage is when one realized has not had the period for a whole year period. After one year, a woman will have entered a situation called past menopause.

Every woman is different from another and so, the changes experienced by a person may differ from the rest. Thus, one should be cautious enough to be able to know capture the changes in their body. A common symptom for most women is the drastic change in their menstrual cycle. You will notice that your menses will begin to be irregular and in some cases, completely stop.

Although feeling dry on the virginal is a reasonable thing to a woman, after going through the change, you will be experiencing this most of the times. Therefore, you have to be aware of this to cope up with the situation accordingly and not to have a hard time. During the time you are at this stage, you will be having sweats at night and most of the time feeling hot all over the body.

Most women experience mood swings where at one point, the woman is happy and within no time, they are unhappy. This is quite common due to the reduction of estrogen and other hormones in the body that take place during perimenopause. This is because the change in the hormones directly affects the neurotransmitters in ones brain.

Low libido is an experience on this stage for women. The reason for the drop is because the body is going through a transition in life which is a sign that you are getting old. The process might cause psychological changes since there is high drop ion product of hormones in the body. This should not be discouraging since it is okay to get old and experience those changes.

Most hormones in the body work in different ways hence when you get to this stage, and there is no enough for various functions, it is possible to get allergies. When the adrenal glands do not receive enough to function, it is a sign that you will have allergies.

You will realize that some women develop anxiety issues when they get to the menopause stage. This is especially the case if one has been suffering such cases during earlier stages in life. On the other hand, one might experience cases of bloating due to hormonal changes. It is interesting to note that you might start developing brittle nails. This is because the change in the hormone levels weakens the keratin layer leading to the breakage of the nails.

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